Rob Jones Tractor Hire

When existing equipment is inadequate to complete a job on a farm or construction site, it may become necessary to hire tractors and heavy construction equipment that may make completing the job easier to complete. When there is no requirement to own the machinery outright that is needed to complete a job, hiring the machinery from a reputable business is a strategic option for a budget conscious business.

Who are Rob Jones Tractor Hire?

Rob Jones Hire Tractor Hire is a company servicing the United Kingdom and Europe.  Located in the English town of Shrewsbury, the company has a solid reputation amongst its clients for its fast, professional and friendly service.

What are the Costs of Hiring a Tractor Rob Jones Tractor Hire?

The company supplies Case and John Deere agriculture farm tractors, specialising in heavy equipment.  They support this service with a fully equipped workshop that is equipped to maintain all their hire fleet and to provide maintenance services for privately owned tractors.   With a fleet of over 70 tractors the company is able to meet most rental requests.  Experienced staff can offer advice on the choice of size and type of tractor required for different jobs.

Newly released tractors are often available and the company's goal of supplying the top of the line machinery to their customers, further emphasises the goal of the company to provide the best performing tractors to their valued customers.  The range of tractors available to customers include

  • John Deere large and medium range agricultural tractors
  • John Deere agricultural loader tractors
  • John Deere small range tractors
  • CASE IH Tractors
  • Range of Extra equipment to add to tractors

Cost and availability of hiring all products are available on application during business hours either by contacting or visiting their offices.  Extra equipment can be fitted to tractors on request or may be shipped as required.  Other equipment is available for hire including heavy duty plant machinery for construction worksites and bull dozers for pulling large loads. 

Where are Rob Jones Tractor Hire Located?

Rob Jones Tractor Hire is located in Shrewsbury in Shropshire.  The company has its own haulage vehicles that enable customers from around the nation and in Europe to access and hire tractors on both long term and short term contacts according to individual requirements. 

Rob Jones Tractor Hire Company is a well established and internationally respected tractor hire company who will work with its customers to provide an efficient service and has the added advantage of a clientele that is extensive and spread out in a variety of locations.  This enables the company to offer customers back loading delivery and return options, potentially reducing the cost of transporting the tractor to their location by a significant amount.

When you have to complete a job and your time and budget requires the best equipment supplied quickly, Rob Jones Tractor Hire Company will provide you with excellent service and a reputation that supports their desire to be the first choice in tractor hire companies.

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